Are you looking for the best partner for your music and the highest quality? Then you are at the right place!
We can manage your production from A till Z , do not worry about anything : we take care of it!

Are you looking for the best partner for an audioproject or a teambuilding day for your company?
Don 't look any further : we take care of your audio for web-applications, presentations, pod-casts or an unforgettable teambuilding-day. One stop for all your corporate audio related stuff and a great teamdy : Hype Studio's

A luxury rehearsal room, a pre-production, a demo , tracking for an album, mixing, mastering...Showcase, Live CD recording for a VIP audience, CD find it all @ HYPE STUDIO'S.
Choose Hype Studio's : because your project is worth it !

Discover what we can offer you as a musician/band or company: 
- 3 studio's  in a quiet, peacefull  and inspirational environment, where every artist can grow and explore , where all the tools to make great music are at your disposal. A place where your project becomes next level.
- You take care of the music. We take care of all the rest.

- Studio 1: Mix super 'analogue' SSL DUALITY 72 CH with a lot of (vintage) outboard and get a great  "warm"sound.

- Studio 2: Experience ideal tracking , total recall in mixing and enjoy all are backline stuff. 
- Studio 3 :
 Just Do It Yoursel ( DIY) . Mix digital In the box or Analogue with outboard stuff